Nabavi Legacy Fund

For Chef Paris Nabavi, service to the community is simply woven into the fabric of life. It’s a cherished value instilled by his father and one that he will pass on to his daughter.

But it took a close call for Chef Nabavi to finally create a lasting framework for this lifelong value. In 2014, Nabavi became very ill. For days, he lay in the hospital and did not know if he would soon have to leave behind his wife and young daughter. Fortunately, he pulled through the illness, but the experience taught him that it was time to put into place the legacy that would proceed him, a lasting way to give back to the organizations he cares most about.

To do that, he turned to his colleagues in the restaurant world. He knew that this likeminded community could achieve a greater impact and create a sustainable network of support from both residents and visitors. In 2015, Chef Nabavi and his wife Donna established the Nabavi Legacy Fund as the foundation of their giveback program, Maui RSVP.

One hundred percent of money generated through the Maui RSVP dining promotion goes directly into the Nabavi Legacy Fund, which is managed by the Grants Central Station- Fifty percent of the funds are distributed annually to the beneficiaries- 10% is reserved for admin and advertising- 40% will grow in an endowment account for future distribution upon chef Nabavi’s passing.

The beneficiaries are nonprofit organizations that focus on youth in arts, education and wellness—areas that Chef Nabavi feels are critical for the well-being of Maui’s next generation.

In his restaurants, and in his life, Chef Nabavi always promotes the use of locally sourced, organic ingredients. Having dealt with his own health challenges, Nabavi understands the vital importance of nurturing our bodies with “real” food, rather than processed alternatives.

Longtime supporters of school garden programs, the Nabavis’ mission is to change the way that children eat through education and engagement in healthy eating habits.